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Worship Info for 9.20.2020

We are doing all that we can to keep our congregation and community safe during the pandemic. Stay connected with us during this time by joining us online.

We love you and we miss you all, but we want to operate out of love by keeping as many people safe as we can.

Please watch this video about Sunday’s Worship Experience.

If you have questions please direct them to Pastor Matt at

Connect to all of our social media by clicking this link:

Pick up Printed Bulletins under the Sanctuary Side Portico

Worship Bulletin for 9.20.2020 (Download Here) TUMC-9.20.2020

Connect, Serve, & Grow for 9.20.2020 (Download Here) CSG-9.20.2020

You can submit an online prayer request by going to

This is the Worship Playlist from Youtube it is updated as soon as the Worship Videos are uploaded.

Watch on Facebook Live by going here:

What About a Virtual Mission?

Traditional mission trips have been another victim of the virus pandemic. Nobody feels safe with a long trip, in a crowded van, staying in new places, and interacting with strangers. But people still want to be in mission for God; and many people are ready to look out beyond the four walls of home.

For such possible mission volunteers the United Methodist Church has developed a program called “Virtual Missions.”

Mission Team members participate via computer links, staying at home and remaining socially distanced. Team Meetings and “on-site” mission activities are held through Zoom. Each volunteer selects one work group, choosing to develop daily devotionals, sample meal menus, a one-page introduction to the target area, fund-raising ideas, or some other short educational paper.

    Like to know more? Two Virtual Mission projects are currently available. Here is your chance to learn more about McCurdy Ministries Community Center and/or about the OIMC. Check it out – without obligation: for McCurdy go to for OIMC send an email to  and ask about the OIMC Virtual Mission 

Be on a mission without leaving home!


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