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UMW Update

Hello friends,

We will finish our study of the 150 years of United Methodist Women on Tuesday, March 8 beginning at 9 a.m. and end with a salad lunch. It is an appropriate day to end the study as we learned yesterday that the new name for United Methodist Women will be “United Women of Faith”. Before UMW we were" Women’s Society of Christian Service- WSCS” and “Wesleyan Service Guild”, and we have learned that we had many other names before that with all the branches of Methodism. So I guess we shouldn’t be surprised with the change, but I was.

At our meeting on Tuesday, we will take up our offering for “Call to Prayer and Self-Denial” which is an offering above our pledge. The money goes for special needs of the mission agencies that we support. We usually think of giving up something so you can give a little extra.

Coming up this month will be our Annual Garage Salewhich we have not had since the pandemic began. We will collect items on Wednesday, March 30 in the gymnasium. If you need a truck pickup, let us know. Hopefully we will all still have items to contribute. We will need all hands on deck to sort and place it all on tables and hangers. I hope everyone can give us a few hours time to make this a successful sale.

Grace and peace,



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