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Pastor Matt’s September Reflection

Finding Peace Through Letting Go

The first time I read Adam Hamilton’s book Forgiveness: Finding Peace Through Letting Go it opened me up to practice of forgiveness. Practicing forgiveness has helped me let go of some things that could keep me from being the person whom God created me to be. I found peace in some broken relationships when forgiveness was practiced and my relationship with God was strengthened. In order to practice forgiveness, we need to be honest and open about who we are and the mistakes we have made and the mistakes that may have been made against us.

Psalm 32:5 says, “So I admitted my sin to you; I didn’t conceal my guilt. “I’ll confess my sins to the Lord,” is what I said. Then you removed the guilt of my sin.

Forgiveness takes practice. It is not a concept that we master overnight. I am still working on it.  Hamilton’s goal for the book is that we might find help and encouragement as we seek reconciliation and healing through the act of asking for, and extending, forgiveness. That is my goal as well as we study this as a whole Church.

Christian Rapper Toby Mac has a song called Forgiveness, and there is one line that sticks with me.

‘Cause we all make mistakes sometimes And we’ve all stepped across that line But nothing’s sweeter than the day we find Forgiveness, forgiveness

We all need forgiveness and I invite you to come and learn how we can practice forgiveness better. Join us on Sunday September 9th as we begin our study on Forgiveness. If you are looking for a small group to study, it with our Sunday School classes will start on September 9th and if you are looking for another night I will be leading a small group Starting September 5th at 6 p.m. in room 301. We still have copies of the book in the office for $11.00

Peace be with you,

Pastor Matt

Lead Pastor


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