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November 9th   Thanksliving Devotional Title: Your Treasure    

Written By: George Warren

“Where your treasure is, there is your heart also.” (Matthew 6:12)

A number of years ago, my wife Rosilyn was given several shares of Fruehauf stock by her aunt.  I think all the shares were worth a few hundred dollars at the time.  The Fruehauf Company made trailers for the 18-wheeler trucks, and they made lots of them over the years.  Until the day we received that gift, I had never even heard of Fruehauf.  But then I started noticing.  We checked the stock exchange report to see the value of the stock; as we traveled on the highways, we started noticing Fruehauf trailers; we wanted Fruehauf to succeed.

Eventually we sold the stock for some purpose–I don’t remember–but then I stopped noticing Fruehauf trailers on the highway; we didn’t notice them on the stock exchange report; we really didn’t care how Fruehauf fared.  We didn’t even notice when it was sold to another company years later.

Here’s the point: As long as our treasure was committed to Fruehauf, our time and interest and attention were committed to Fruehauf.  In other words, our heart (our interest, attention, caring) followed our money, not the other way around.

When you give your money to God, you begin noticing God at work; you care more for Christ’s body the Church; you become a better witness and advocate for your church and for the Lord; you even care for others more.  Who would have thought–that our money can actually be a means for our salvation!!


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