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November 8th Showing God’s Love

Written By: Rev. Shana Dry

The wolf will live with the lamb, and the leopard will lie down with the young goat; the calf and the young lion will feed together and a little child will lead them. —Isaiah 11:6

I try to do most of my shopping in Tahlequah. I like to shop locally and being the Director of the NSU Wesley Foundation I find myself at the store A LOT. On several different occasions I see these two children who always run up to me and hug me and squeeze me so tight and always want to engage in conversation. It is a brother and sister and the mom is always standing back and smiling. It never fails when I see them I get a great big hug.

Our Trunk or Treat was a great success. We had over 700 children come through and I was blessed to hand out 400 cards to adults and invite them to our church. Towards the end of the evening it was getting dark and hard to see and as I was visiting with a parent I felt someone come running up behind me and hug me as tight as they could. I turned around and YES it was those two wonderful children. After I hugged both generously the mother came up to me and said “We see you everywhere and my children love to run to you and hug you. We came to your VBS this summer, we were one of your Help in Crisis families that you helped. We are better now and safer and I want to thank you for showing so much love to my kids. They love seeing you and I am grateful for you and your church’s love. Thank you for this information I want to bring them to this church where they already know that love lives here.”

As they walked away I thought WOW! That’s it, that’s why we do it. For this reason alone. Showing God’s love to those that need it the most. And yes I believe whole heartedly a child will lead them.

PRAYER:  Thank you loving God for leading us with a child. Open our hearts to know that what we do is because you first loved us. Guide us to know that we should love first and leave the rest to you. In Jesus name we pray, AMEN.’


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