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November 15th Devotional Title: GRATITUDE

Written By: Janet M. Stucky

When my husband, Don, was diagnosed with renal cancer in August of 2008, I made a choice to live my life in gratitude.  I decided to take every breath in gratitude and looked at every moment, every day, and every person, as an opportunity to express my gratitude.

Every breath brought me closer to God.

Every exhale assured me God was closer to me.

So many kind, helpful individuals are in my path guiding me and directing my endeavors. There continue to be so many opportunities to exchange love, compassion, and joy.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.


And exhale.

I am so very grateful

God has called my name.

I am so very grateful for my family.

God demonstrates unconditional love.

I am so very grateful for my church.

God’s sweet spirit embraces us.

I am so very grateful for my commitment to Feed My Sheep.

God has given me an opportunity to serve.

I am so very grateful for all our Feed My Sheep volunteers and guests.

God is always with us.

I am so very grateful for this beautiful day.

God is continuously creating and it is Good.

I am so very grateful to be alive.

God dwells within every fiber of my being.


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