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Greater Things 2019 Stewardship Focus

Greater Things 2019 Stewardship Focus

“You will see greater things than these” John1:51 CEB

Jesus calling to Nathanael is a calling to us to come and see and experience greater things. We can experience  the greater things that Jesus is calling us to through our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our service and our witness. 

Our 2019 Financial Campaign is called Greater Things. We believe that Tahlequah First United Methodist Church is called to Greater Things in 2019.

When making a commitment we ask you to

1. Begin with Prayer – Thank God for blessing you and ask for guidance and discernment.

2. Assess Your Finances – Take a look at your annual income and your budget. How is your faith reflected in your spending? Are you tithing? You can look on our website at to figure out what level are you at.

3. Consider How You Give – In Worship every Sunday, through the mail, or On-line at

4. Make a Commitment: You can do that online or in worship on October 28th 2018


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