Give to Tahlequah UMC

You can give online be clicking here.

Giving to Tahlequah First United Methodist Church is an investment in making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Please look over this page to help connect into giving to Tahlequah First United Methodist Church and if you have questions about give please contact the Church office at (918)456-6141.


Here is how we suggest you make your financial commitment to Tahlequah First United Methodist Church.

  1. Begin with Prayer – Thank God for blessing you and ask for guidance and discernment.
  2. Assess Your Finances – Take a look at your annual income and your budget. How is your faith reflected in your spending?
  3. Consider How You Give – In Worship every Sunday, through the mail, or On-line by setting up an account with our online provider Vanco 
  4. Make a Commitment – The Monthly Giving Guide is a good gage to see what your giving level is at. Ask your self. Are you at the 10% which is known is the Tithe. Determine the percentage of your income you will give in the coming year, pray about stepping up that percentage by 1% to 3% and complete your Annual Giving Commitment Card. If you are not yet tithing (giving 10%), consider increasing the percentage you are giving each year until you reach ten percent. Remember your annual commitment of tithes and offerings supports Tahlequah FUMC ministries both within and outside the walls of our church. (Our annual stewardship pledge is distinct from capital campaign pledges that fund the construction of our buildings.)

Our 2020 Operating Budget