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TUMC COVID Protocols

Updated 11.1.21


Things with COIVD are on a constant pivot. Cases in our area have decreased and we will be pivoting our protocols at this time. 

1. We will now strongly recommend all Sunday morning participants to wear masks while attending Sunday School and Worship whether they have been vaccinated or not. There will be masks available at all doors of the church for anyone who forgot to bring one with them.
2. We also are strongly encouraging everyone to social distance as much as possible in the pews during Worship and other meeting times.
3. If you are not feeling well especially with a cough or respiratory issues, even if you suspect it's allergies, please worship with us online until you are feeling better.
5. Please wash or sanitize your hands frequently, and we will return to our heightened sanitizing procedures.
6 We suggest that the serving or handling of food in any fashion (buffet, serving style, family-style, and another style) be handled with gloves and a mask on.
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