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All Church Workday Info Saturday May 4th 9 a.m.-12 p.m.

All Church Workday

Saturday May 4th 9 a.m.-12 p.m.

Here’s an update on the work day at the church tomorrow:


Everyone should plan to bring tools appropriate to your task.  It’s better to have too many tools than to need one and have to take time to go get it.  Some of you have said you are bringing tools in addition to the ones specifically mentioned below.

I know there are other folks who didn’t sign up but plan to work.  They are most welcome and could help in a variety of tasks.


Everyone bring your own lunch if you plan to work in the afternoon.


1. George and Stan will meet at Lowes at 8:00 am to buy an additional 20-30 bags of asphalt patch.  (Four are already inside the AB.)  Stan has his long trailer and will bring a 20′ extension ladder for painting the stairwell.

2. Keith will be going to Tahlequah Lumber around 7:30  with his smaller trailer bringing a wheelbarrow.  He will pick up the concrete saw and blade.  He will also return with the trailer to get the 200-lb  “packer” for the asphalt patches when we’re ready for it.  (We want to rent the tools for 4 hours instead of all day if possible.)  Keith will return the rented tools when we’re finished using the tool.

3. Charlie Carroll is bringing a front-end loader to help move the debris plus air blowers.

4. Other workers are Charles Swan and Bryce Felts, when he finishes the power washing.


Lisa Blanchard from FMS and Judy Young will be cleaning out the Small Dining Room, guided by Shana who will be setting up the gym for Senior Sunday.


George has purchased the paint and will bring paint rollers, 2 extension handles, several brushes, masking tape, drop cloths, rags, paint pans.  The 20-ft. extension ladder and another fold-up ladder (in the FOD) will be used.

Diann Barrick has signed up to paint.  We could use probably 1 or 2 more people.


Matt June, Barbara Reed, Sueann Freeman, Debbie Jensen, Shirley Hackworth, Rick Pry, and Rosilyn Warren have signed up for varying times from 9:00 am on.  Barbara is bringing Murphy Oil Soap.  We have Orange Glow here.  Some of you might bring some buckets and cleaning cloths to wipe down dirty surfaces and apply furniture polish as needed.  Matt will vacuum under pew cushions.


Lanny Reed will power wash the concrete near where the recycles are kept in the alleyway.

Bryce will power wash the ceiling of the portico at the west entrance.


If anyone wishes, they can rake the leaves and trash in the alley way and put into trash bags and into the dumpster.  I’ll bring two leaf rakes.

Questions?  Call me.  I’ll be at home (918-597-8830) tonight.




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